A lot of our customers come from referrals from people we’ve done work for in the past. In this particular case, the mother was in a nursing home. They wanted to bring her to their home to care for her but with children and pets, the house was already quite full. Aside from that, it was also two floors and mom had a hard time with stairs.

That’s where we sat down and discussed their needs beginning with what mom needs right now, to what she might need in the future, and even how the space can be used after she passes.

main living space barn door open

Taking into account that she doesn’t do well with stairs, it had to be a single level. Looking into the future, we had to consider making entrances to the rooms wheelchair accessible and safe for a walker.


With that in mind, an addition on the back of the house made the most sense with a large deck she can enjoy. The sliding glass door leads right out to the deck where she can enjoy the sunshine and the view. Because it’s all glass, it also allows in a large amount of light, making the room feel even more open and bright.

sliding glass door view
deck view

The addition itself is all one level and all the flooring is a luxury vinyl plank, no carpet. It’s easy and sturdy to walk on, so there are no tripping hazards. It’s also ideal for wheelchairs should she need one in the future.

We chose a wide barn door to separate the bedroom and bathroom area from the living space. There were a few reasons for this: it’s a popular feature these days, it allows easy access for a wheelchair because of the width, and in the future the room will be used as an additional living space so the barn door can easily close off the bedroom area and separate it from the living space. This is how we take into account how a space is going to be used now, as well as 5, 10 or 20 years down the road. We want you to get the most use out of your new addition and taking all these things into account is how we help you do that.

bedroom looking into bathroom area
bedroom door closed

In the bathroom area, we always install grab bars in the shower because those are easiest to add in during the initial installation. But by the toilet, we can simply install blocking in the walls where grab bars can easily be added later if needed.

When you consider ADA guidelines which are for commercial spaces, or what is called Aging in Place, we also designed the entire living space to be wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair has a 5-foot turning radius, so all the rooms have ample space for turning and getting around whether on foot, using a walker, or even for a wheelchair. Even the bathroom was made with this in mind.

This is just one example of how we take each client’s custom needs into account and design a space perfect for mom or dad now and can be repurposed beautifully later. If you or someone you know has questions about adding on an in-law suite or other addition, please reach out to us at lakestarbuilding@gmail.com or call our office at (440) 926-4600.